Publié : 12 octobre 2012

Obama’s campaign

The colors of Obama’s campaign poster are dark blue, blue, white and red. These colors are like the US flag (The Stars and Stripes) and the colors of the Democrats.
The elections will take place in the United States on November 6th 2012.
Obama is the official democrat candidate. The Democrats are considered as socialists and their logo is a capital D in blue. Below the word « Democrat » in blue, there is a catch phrase written in red « Change that matters ». Before, their logo was a blue Donkey.
Obama is the favourite candidate in the opinion poll but he is slowly going down as we get closer to the elections. He is the current president and has more experience than Mitt Romney on the financial crisis. Obama’s running mate is Joe Biden.
He has a lot of very good ideas and he has introduced the bill for the national health. It’s similar to the French National Health, but with less benefits.
Obama’s project has a lot of radical economic reforms for a reflation of the United States of America. Obama’s 2012 catch phrase is « for leadership we can believe in » and it is similar to « for the reelection we can believe in ».

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